Flight Analyzer

Web app

Purpose of project

This web app dynamically generates a simulated flight path for disc golf discs using available flight ratings.

  • Optimized for mobile and desktop
  • Allows adding up to 100 discs
  • Contains over 1300 discs from 80+ manufacturers
  • Custom UI and menus
  • Built-in URL-based sharing functionality
  • Was shared on social media by the Professional Disc Golf Association
  • Ported to a native Android app using PhoneGap


I built this app to have viral sharing capability and promote an online disc golf retail store. It was originally integrated with the e-commerce solution and later became its own app.

This app is built with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.


E-commerce website built on Squarespace

Bob's Wood Stuff Website

Purpose of project

This website funnels traffic from Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to provide visitors with free and paid digital downloads, as well as physical products.

  • Integrated with Mailchimp and uses free downloads to grow a mailing list
  • Utilizes SEO and blog articles to drive organic search traffic
  • Custom CSS
  • Includes custom 3D rendered building plans


I built the previous version on WordPress, but the premium plugin required to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with MailChimp had a yearly subscription cost, so I switched to Squarespace to get the same functionality for cheaper and applied the CSS from my WordPress child theme to achieve the same look.

The downloadable woodworking plans were made by 3D modeling in SketchUp and composing with Layout, and the laser cutting plans were made with SketchUp and Illustrator.


Informational website built on WordPress

Purpose of project

This is an informational website built on WordPress for a local business to inform customers of hours, location, and services.

  • Custom child theme
  • Recurring SSL certificate


This site is built on WordPress using a custom child theme I built on the free version of the Astra theme.

I used a combination of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to make custom stock images and graphic assets.

I configured the CentOS server’s LEMP (NGINX) stack to self-sign a recurring SSL certificate using Certbot, so the client will always have free SSL.

Floor 84 Studio

Static portfolio site built on Pure.css

Floor 84 Studio website

Purpose of project

This is a portfolio website for a media company to show potential clients some of their past projects.

  • Fast loading website
  • Mobile-first stylesheet
  • Looks good on mobile
  • Recurring SSL certificate


This site is built on the Pure.css, which is a lightweight mobile-first framework. They wanted a static site with no database that anybody with HTML skills can update.

I was provided with Photoshop files for the page designs, and created a stylesheet to match the design to the pixel, while keeping it responsive to different screen sizes and mobile devices.

I configured the server to self-sign a recurring SSL certificate..

Compass Rose Toolworks

E-commerce website built on Squarespace

Compass Rose Toolworks

Purpose of project

This website funnels visitors from YouTube videos and Patreon to purchase physical products.

I built the site, set up all the products, and configured options for handling domestic and international shipping, as well as connecting to ShipStation for 3rd-party fulfillment of the orders.

I discussed with the client specifics about their e-commerce needs and which platform would be best, and Squarespace was the best fit.

  • Custom CSS
  • Customized shipping and handling
  • Connects to a fulfillment provider
  • Handles domestic and international shipping


This site is built on Squarespace and uses a plugin to synchronize orders with a fulfillment service through ShipStation.

Woodwork for Humans

E-commerce website built on Squarespace

Woodwork for Humans website

Purpose of project

A popular YouTuber contacted me about his upcoming book launch and wanted a website to link to the book on Amazon and sell digital downloads related to the book. The site also monetizes through Amazon affiliate links to tools and supplies.

  • Amazon book sales
  • Digital downloads
  • Amazon affiliate links


This site is built on Squarespace.


Custom navigation for existing e-commerce website

Purpose of project

This client had a specific left column navigation they wanted implemented into their existing e-commerce website. I worked with them to meet their needs and suggest additional features like animation that would enhance the appearance.

  • Animated site navigation


I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and jQuery for this project.

Bob’s Wood Stuff YouTube Channel

YouTube channel and videos

Bob's Wood Stuff YouTube channel

Purpose of project

I built this educational YouTube channel to showcase my DIY and woodworking content. I wrote scripts for all the videos, performed and filmed them, edited them with Adobe Premiere Pro, and promoted them across multiple social media platforms.

The channel is monetized through YouTube ads, digital downloads, Amazon affiliate links, sponsorships, and physical product sales.

  • About 90 videos
  • Filming, editing, voiceovers, special effects
  • Content strategy
  • Social media promotion


I used Adobe Premiere and After Effects to edit the videos and add special effects. I also used Photoshop for some of the effects, and Stable Diffusion to build AI-generated set extensions.

I also used TubeBuddy and SEO tools to find and target trends to plan out my content strategy and build keywords and descriptions.

I also used SketchUp to add 3D graphics and animations to the videos.

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